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Hard Contact Lens

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Hard Contact Lens

Contact lenses are worn directly over the cornea to correct vision problems. It makes them different from glasses that are worn at a little distance from the eyes. It’s best to see a professional and correctly place these lenses in your eyes. It makes your vision crisper and clearer. People may not be able to notice that you are wearing these lenses. 

Rigid Gas Permeable Contacts: A Clear Choice for Sharp Vision

Rigid gas permeable contacts, often referred to as “hard” contact lenses, differ from soft lenses in their rigid structure that doesn’t bend or flex. Despite their firmness, these lenses allow oxygen to pass through, ensuring your eyes receive the necessary breathability.

RGP lenses have these two important advantages over soft lenses-

  • less prone to irritating deposits and 
  • provides sharper vision correction.

However, adapting to them takes time. Some individuals initially find them less comfortable compared to soft lenses.

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