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Soft Contact Lens

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Soft Contact Lens

Contact lenses are designed to address various eye conditions. Whether a condition is mild or severe, you can opt for these lenses. Some people wear these lenses for cosmetic purposes only. 

These days, most contact lenses are designed using different kinds of polymers. Soft lenses are made with the help of hydrogels (plastics) that allow water into their design to add hydration. 

Most commonly, these soft lenses are made with silicone hydrogels that allow more oxygen to pass through the cornea of the eyes when compared to other hydrogels. Also, if you wear them for a long time, they will dehydrate less. Many people consider them to be advanced soft lenses available in the market.

Crystal Clear Comfort: Exploring the Benefits of Soft Contact Lens

  • Thin and flexible.
  • Mold easily to the shape of your eye.
  • Retains moisture.
  • Let oxygen pass through to the cornea.
  • Comfortable type of contact lens.

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