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Scleral Lenses

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Scleral Lenses

Are your eyes feeling tired or uncomfortable with traditional contact lenses? Enter Main Fashion Opticals’ exclusive collection, now featuring Scleral Lenses! These lenses are known for comfort and clarity in the world of contact lenses!

Prescription? No Hassle!

You can utilize your FSA or HSA funds for Scleral Lenses with or without prescription. Invest in your eye health with lenses designed to provide lasting comfort and clarity.

Feeling the Discomfort?

Scleral Lenses are the definition of comfort in the contact lenses section. Traditional lenses may cause irritation or dryness, especially for sensitive eyes. If you are also experiencing such discomfort and want to switch to a superior alternative, our Scleral Lenses are the solution you have been seeking!

Discover Your Perfect Fit!

Not sure which lenses suit your eyes best? Reach out to us today and take our quick quiz. We’ll provide personalized recommendations, ensuring that finding the perfect pair of Scleral Lenses is as seamless as wearing them!

Benefits of Scleral Lenses

Our Scleral Lenses are very convenient to wear, and you do not find any difficulty even when you wear them the whole day. These lenses are designed for optimal comfort, providing a smooth, irritation-free experience. The larger diameter ensures stability in the eye, reducing the likelihood of dryness and discomfort.

Ready for a Change?

Bid farewell to discomfort with traditional lenses. Switch to Scleral Lenses for a relaxed and worry-free experience. All our contact lenses are crafted with precision, ensuring optimal clarity and comfort.

Explore our Contact Lens Collection and elevate your eye comfort to new heights – because your eyes deserve the best care!